It's a conversation worth having

I don’t think anybody likes to hear the word research. More often that not, it’s used as preemptive counter-point to an idea. But that’s not how we see it. We see as a lively and rich conversation with our customers. One that is built upon respect and the desire to really understand the other person; you know, to listen.


Let me be frank; you can absolutely launch product without doing research. There’s already so much on the plate that it’s hard to get behind something that could detract from your momentum. But please, don’t do it. It’s absolutely worthwhile to figure out if you’re solving the right problem, for the right people, in the right way.


At Retronymity, we have chosen to adopt an inclusive design philosophy. This means that we behave as if we’re co-creating our products with customers. This means a lot of delicate conversations and hard work at first. But it’s the kind of investment where the rewards are sweet, and pays back in dividends.


Research also does not have to be expensive. We know from our previous lives, that research budgets can easily reach into the millions for a nationwide product launch. But we learned that a big chunk of value can be had at a fraction of the cost and everything else is climbing the diminishing returns scale.


Our belief is that we can bring the savvy of big companies to help smaller teams. Lean.

retronymity - San Jose, California