You know that great design will set your product apart from the competition. It will turn the functional, into experiences that linger in your customer’s minds and hopefully, hearts.  But how do you pick the right design agency?


Do you pick an agency with the most accolades? We certainly believe that there’s a correlation between awards and beautiful design. But we also know that those accolades seldom translate into product successes. How about experience, or perhaps number of designers? How about a sexy, metropolitan location?


If you’re serious about your product, choose the agency with people that have experience managing the life cycle of products; from cradle to grave. One that understands what it takes to have product success. Extra points if they have experienced product failure. Because in the world of products, that’s the only way to learn. How else can they possibly know how design contributes to amazing experiences?


Choose the agency whose mission is to bring products to life. These are the men and women who will take their roles in this journey seriously. They know that every line, every color and every visual gesture has a purpose. Their design strategy tends to be the result of rich user studies, because they are always challenging their understanding of people.


A great design agency understands the importance of their role within product development. They know that their concepts are vision documents for the rest of the development team. It inspires and guides engineering, quality, sales and marketing. It rallies and motivates your entire organization because they realize that these concepts are very real.


A rich deliverable from a design studio should consists of two parts. A compelling visual expression of an experiential solution and a robust product architecture. A concept cannot just be how something looks. It has to tell a unique story about how it affects the lives of people, how it works and how it will be put together.


Go ahead, ask your design agency why they exist. See if the answer makes sense to you.

retronymity - San Jose, California