An American product design studio. Crafting meaningful products. Creating experiences.




We believe that well designed products solve real problems. Great products that do this, create an experience that enriches our lives.  Products should be useful and beautiful without pandering to consumerism.


We've helped create places to work and live.  We've also created things that help us work and live better; sometimes deep in mines, sometimes across the farms and in our homes. Some of the things we've made have kept our future generations safe on roads. We know how to make products that matter.


Now we want to use our experience and talent to help other organizations with big, bold ideas on improve the way we all live, work and play.



Retronymity is a call to action. There's a need for a different type of Design Studio. One that cares about what it puts out into the world. One whose goal is not just to finish a design project, but to launch products. To accomplish this, our Studio is built around Design and Product Management. Designers help us deploy technology to solve human problems. Product Managers help  our clients deliver, compelling product experiences to their customers, profitably.


Russell is a consummate product manager. He started his career as a mechanical engineer, designing macro experiences with Architects. Received double MBAs to better understand how design should play an integral role in business. He has lead product groups through years of profit and global growth before applying the same rich, principles in a design agency. 


Jason is a student of the human condition. His received his first degree in Psychology and followed that up with a MFA in Industrial Design. Jason has over five years of design experience. Interestingly enough, his work experience started in retail banking! His designs benefit from his thoughtful and empathetic observation of the world around him. 


We have a very simple but rigorous process. One that improves everyday through our relentless pursuit to be better than everyone else in crafting the best experience for your customers.


Step one. We listen to you and your customers, to help frame the Problem. Strategy is about designing a path to a goal. Let's make sure it's the right goal, together.


Step two. Design, a balance of exploration and refinement. The result, beautiful visuals accompanied by thoughtful architecture. Only possible because of our rich ecosystem of experienced experts. We don't do fiction.


We're students and practitioners of lean product development. A process that does more with less.


retronymity - San Jose, California