The Kind that changes the way we live

We know that big ideas need champions. We choose to see potential in big ideas. As a design studio, we embrace that big ideas can come from small places. We will lever our experiences and talents to see it to life.


We do this not because big ideas are lucrative, but because it will make the world around us richer for everybody.


Big ideas change lives. We believe that this is the currency of a successful nations, the sheer amount of boundless optimism its population can produce. Every important accomplishment in human history began as a big idea; somebody believed that we could fly like the birds. Or that we could walk on the moon, or that there were invisible organisms or that there was land beyond the boundless seas. How about the pencil? the printing press, fireworks, and trains - oh we could go on and on.


Unfortunately, big ideas have an abysmal survival rate. The trouble with big ideas is that they tend to sound ludicrous or

non-obvious. It also does not help that humanity is quite adroit at stamping them out. We don’t know if its because of aversion to risk (big ideas are almost always risky) or fear of the unknown. Maybe sometimes it’s just pettiness.

retronymity - San Jose, California