Our mission is to craft things that improve the way people live, work or play. Meaningful products that create great experiences for people. Products that are equal parts useful and beautiful. Solving real world problems. We reject the predatory cycle of mediocre product upgrades, pushing evermore into our landfills.


We want to help brave entrepreneurs and small teams to achieve their dreams of building a better tomorrow. We want to work with ambitious, bold organizations that are not shy about challenging the status quo.


We further believe that in order to affect good; our client's products must get to the people who need them. This is our goal for every project, our true north that guides every decision throughout the course of product development.


We have a very simple process. One that improves everyday through our relentless pursuit of being better than everyone else in offering our clients a value-rich experience.


Step one. We listen to you and your customers and help frame the Problem to properly scope the design challenge.


Step two. A rich design Strategy phase gets everyone on the same page about how we’re going to bring a rich, human-centered experience to life. What technologies are key and how they will be deployed in a robust product architecture.


Step three. Design, a balance of exploration and refinement. A rigorous process of down selection of concepts. These concepts express different ways to solve our problem. We lend you our talent and experience as product management to carefully evaluate each one.


Retronymity is a call to action. There's a need for a different type of Design Studio. One that cares about what it puts out into the world. One whose goal is not just to finish a design project, but to launch products. To accomplish this, our Studio is built around Design and Product Management. Designers help us deploy technology to solve human problems. Product Managers help  our clients deliver, compelling product experiences to their customers, profitably.


Russell is a consummate product manager. He started his career as a mechanical engineer, designing macro experiences with Architects. Received double MBAs to better understand how design should play an integral role in business. He has lead product groups through years of profit and global growth before applying the same rich, principles in a design agency. 


Jason is a student of the human condition. His received his first degree in Psychology and followed that up with a MFA in Industrial Design. Jason has over five years of design experience. Interestingly enough, his work experience started in retail banking! His designs benefit from his thoughtful and empathetic observation of the world around him. 


An American product design studio. Crafting meaningful products. Creating experiences.



retronymity - San Jose, California